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Case Studies

Would you like to find out more about how we can help you and your firm?

Here are some case studies that show how we have helped clients, like you. Each case has been picked to illustrate an aspect of our service that we believe makes us different from many other brokers.

Our increased range of insurers saves our client 37% (£15k)
Working with over 30 insurers, we have a good feel for market rates and will aim to get the most suitable cover for your firm taking into account Insurer security, continuity, excesses and indemnity levels.

Our experienced team identify material undisclosed client risks
Non-disclosure of material risks may lead to an Insurer not paying a claim. Ntegrity's thorough approach helps us to uncover material risks and ensure that the Insurer has a full picture of the risk.

Our independence saved our client 55% (£8.5k) on their premium
As an independent broker, we work for you. Our experienced advisors have a good overview of the market and place business with over 30 insurers. We have no volume or enhanced commission structures.

Ntegrity's claims management system identified overpayment of £10k in excesses
A law firm had accumulated a number of claims and notifications over the years, paying excesses as claims arose. Our bespoke claims system tracks all historical claims and identified that the client had regularly paid more than their annual aggregate excesses, which we were able to reclaim.

Our personal approach supports clients
When work and personal communities overlap, a claim can be particularly difficult for all involved. Our experienced claims team provided guidance and reassurance to our client. They liaised extensively with insurers to ensure that the matter was dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

Ntegrity’s extensive negotiations helps client recover £6k of defence costs
A delay in notification of an ongoing claim meant that a client had incurred defence costs without consent of Insurers. The client had changed insurers in the interim and the notification fell across two policy periods with both Insurers initially refusing to accept that the incurred costs were covered by them. Using our knowledge of the market, Ntegrity challenged the insurers' decision and successfully recovered over £6k of costs for the client.

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