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New partnership for UK200 Group members

Ntegrity is delighted to announce its new partnering arrangement with the UK200 Group, the UK’s leading quality assured membership association of independent firms of chartered accountants, legal firms and international associates.

UK200 Group members will now have access to professional indemnity insurance policies with personalised client service and reduced premiums. Ntegrity has a long history of serving both the accountancy and lawyers insurance markets and we are well-placed to handle the needs of UK200 Group members.

Ntegrity is growing its business by putting its clients first; we work for you not the insurers. This means that UK200 Group members will benefit from:

  • Annual visits. We will visit all UK200 Group member clients each year to discuss your insurance requirements and to get a better understanding of your needs. This will help us to better advise you on your insurance at the time of renewal, or should we need to handle any claims for you.
  • A personal approach to PII and renewals. We work with you to understand the risks which may be identified from your proposal. We manage the relationship between you and the insurance company, so that you can spend more time working on your firm and less time on admin issues connected with insurance renewals.
  • Access to a wider range of insurers. Unlike many brokers, who only deal with a handful of insurance companies, Ntegrity work with over 30 insurers enabling us to match the specific needs to your firm with the right insurance company, at the right price.
  • Mitigating risks to reduce premiums. Where issues have arisen in the past we identify what steps you have taken to reduce the likelihood of a similar issue happening in the future. We work with the insurance companies to make sure they know what steps you are taking to reduce risk and maintain or improve your quality standards.
  • In-house claims expertise. Unusually, Ntegrity boasts its own in-house claims department which means we can use our knowledge of your business to take you through the claims process step by step and advise you of the appropriate action to take. We understand how worrying it can be to have to handle any PII claims, so we can provide as much or as little guidance through this process as you require.
  • Specialist advice for firms with tax mitigation schemes. Insurance companies are being much tougher with policies which include the provision of strategic tax advice, with some insurers refusing to renew such schemes or charging multiples of the previous year’s premium. Ntegrity works closely with senior underwriters at a select range of insurers who can properly assess your firm. In doing so we have often been able to find cover where other brokers couldn’t.
  • Better cover, better prices. Taking on board all of the above points means we are best placed to get you the cover you need at very competitive rates.
  • Speaking on this new partnership arrangement, Ntegrity Managing Director, Gary Horswell said, “We’re looking forward to meeting and working with the UK200 Group members over the coming weeks and months. The level of service Ntegrity provides, matched with the best possible cover at very competitive prices means that we can demonstrate our commitment to you as future long-term, valued clients”.

    Ntegrity is already working with several UK200 Group members and look forward to meeting other members over the coming months.

    If you would like to discuss your PII, please contact one of our directors:

    Gary Horswell by email or direct dial 01454 800844

    Ian Richards by email or direct dial 01454 800849

    NTEGRITY Professional Insurance delivers quality products to meet client needs in three key areas: