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NEWA Experts Risk Everything Without PII Cover

The Supreme Court's 2011 decision to remove blanket immunity for Expert Witnesses makes it more important than ever before to have Professional Indemnity cover for this work. Solicitors are increasingly requiring experts to demonstrate that they have adequate Expert Witness PII cover before they will consider instructing them, yet many still do not arrange insurance protection.

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Experts who have undertaken recognised training are less likely to face legal action. Significant PII premium discounts have been negotiated for experts who have completed one of the following:

In completing these courses you become eligible for:


Experts who work for large practices in various professions may have cover already under their firm's arrangements but insurance market treatment of the professions is not uniform and you should check carefully.

NTEGRITY will review your current wording and advise you on this without charge.

One advantage of the Bond Solon policy is that you can ensure that you have personal control over the protection you arrange for this work, avoiding having to pay a large self-insured excess that may apply to your firm’s policy.


The policy provides cover for Expert Witness work but NTEGRITY can take care of your entire Professional Indemnity needs.

Medical professionals can be covered (but not for treatment risks under this policy - NTEGRITY can help cover this for you separately where required).

NEWA Experts Risk Everything Without PII Cover

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NEWA Experts Trained by Bond Solon


The policies provided will cover you for claims that arise from your work as an Expert. A copy of the policy wording can be downloaded from within the system once you begin your quotation. If your insurance needs to protect you for a wider range of activities, please contact us for assistance on 01454 800800.

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How the policies work and 'claims made' cover

Professional Indemnity insurance is arranged on a ‘claims made’ basis, which means that the policy will deal with any claim you first become aware of during the period of insurance, no matter when the work giving rise to the claim was performed. If you allow your Professional Indemnity insurance to lapse, and then become aware of a potential claim after cover has expired, you would be left without protection. It is therefore vital to maintain continuous protection against liabilities that might arise from your past projects after you have discontinued the work.