You've got professional insurance

so, what are you worried about?

  • Being stung?
  • Is your insurance premium too steep, your excess too high?
  • Are there some risks you’re still exposed to?
  • Are you paying for insurance cover you don’t need?
  • Does your policy provide good value for money?
  • Does your broker only recommend insurers that pay the highest commissions?
  • How helpful will your insurance broker be if you need to make a claim?
  • Is your broker handling claims for you, or for the insurer?
  • Is your insurer as highly rated, robust and reliable as you’ve been led to believe?
  • Is your insurance broker tied to a particular insurer?
  • How good is your insurer's claims record?
  • Does most of your premium end up with insurers to cover your risk?
  • Is your insurance cover tailored to your unique needs?


  • Ntegrity is a professional indemnity insurance specialist broker with strong links to over 30 insurers, including Lloyd’s.
  • Our knowledge of current market rates, insurer security, products and regulatory needs helps us deliver the best advice for your firm.
  • We are truly independent and not tied to any insurer. We work for you and our advice is always in your best interests – not swayed by a desire to maximise our own income.
  • We gain a deep understanding of all your firm’s risks, then advise on how best to mitigate them.
  • We can provide insurance advice on business changes - mergers, acquisitions, new markets and regions.
  • Our experience, impartiality and thoroughness enables us to source the most appropriate cover, tailored to your unique needs, at a realistic price - even when renewal premiums are escalating.
  • Unlike many brokers, we have a highly skilled in-house claims team. They’ll handle any current or historical claims, saving you time and stress as well as possibly reducing your costs.
  • We offer a no obligation, free of charge, second opinion on your existing insurance arrangements.
  • We earn a modest commission, to cover our professional advice for the duration of your policy, ensuring that the majority of your premium reaches your insurer to fund future claims.
  • “Ntegrity provide a very efficient and cost effective service, but more importantly are very helpful and friendly as well”

Our clients range from Start-ups and SMEs to Global Organisations.
We also manage schemes for affinity groups.

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Why Professional Indemnity on its own may not protect you and your business.

We recommend that our clients take a more holistic approach to protect your business against the main professional risks by including Cyber Insurance and Management Liability/ Directors and Officers Insurance. This article explains more about the types of insurance and why there are significant cost, time and operational advantages to arranging your professional insurances with a single broker.

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