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Why every professional firm should consider Ntegrity for their insurances.

As a professional business, it has never been more important to have insurance that protects you with reliable certainty.

Commercial insurance premiums are lower in relative terms than many experts can recall and the array of products and buying channels is bewildering. Using a quality broker that gives sound reliable advice with a clear focus on working for you (rather than on Insurers behalf) is crucial if you want the results you desire from your insurance.

For accountants, solicitors, architects, engineers, financial advisers, insurance intermediaries, IT consultants, surveyors and other services, the professional risks you face become more complex and wider reaching with each year. Professional insurances are much more involved than in the past with many traps for the unwary or for those who arrange cover without taking specialist guidance.

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Businesses in several professions have failed in recent years because their insurance cover didn’t meet the cost of claims, or through being unable to obtain on-going cover to continue trading at viable premiums.

That's why it is so important to buy your Professional Insurances with care. NTEGRITY's insurance tailoring approach provides the knowledge expertise and care that your business deserve.

But don't just take our word for it. Find out what clients of NTEGRITY Professional Insurance think.

They said:-

"NTEGRITY have been supporting our company for 5 years now. They have taken time to properly understand how our business operates and provide a tailored & competitive insurance programme. They are generous with both their time and expertise and offer complete peace of mind."

Project Design Managers

"Our working arrangement via the ETHOS Claims Support System is first class, but it does not override the personal service we receive from Tara Price when we ask for it. "



"Our quotations for cover were provided quickly with clear information re the differences between the companies. Even though we changed brokers & insurers, this was relatively effortless."


"It was there when we needed help most, despite that it was our first time to engage their services. Extremely helpful."


"I just wish to thank you for all your successful work on our behalf, and to say how much it is appreciated."



"We like dealing with an organisation that is responsive to our needs and provides us with the advice and back up that we require."

Health Professionals

NTEGRITY Professional Insurance delivers quality products to meet client needs in three key areas, namely:


Why every professional firm should consider Ntegrity for their insurances.