10 simple ways to secure your firm's data

Make it difficult for cyber criminals and erroneous employees to access company data.

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You may have seen some of these suggestions before but how many are you carrying out regularly?

  1. Change passwords immediately from the pre-set default, and regularly thereafter. A recent article suggested over 21 million passwords were in the public domain (and associated emails) – check whether yours is one of them by clicking here.
  2. Maintain up to date software on all devices – apply patches soon after release, these are designed to protect against the latest threats. Do you have a list of all your devices and the current software version they are using?
  3. Use strong anti-virus software on all devices and a reliable firewall. Homeworkers may be particularly vulnerable if they are using their own devices or software.
  4. Train your staff thoroughly in cyber awareness and keep awareness up to date, and in the front of minds, with regular CPD.
  5. Be cagey on social media both for corporate and personal sites – the more personal information you share, the more can be used against you in a phishing attack. Children’s birthdays and pets anyone?
  6. Develop a BYOD policy – many people now use their personal phone or laptop for business. All such devices should be password secured, on the latest operating system and able to be remotely wiped if mislaid. The greatest risk is if others use your device, even just occasionally (children are particularly adept at randomly clicking on links).
  7. Consider encrypting email and devices – essential for transferring sensitive information online
  8. Restrict downloads and USB port access – just a quick question is enough to establish whether staff really need a new program or download for business purposes
  9. Back up regularly - preferably overnight and keep a copy offsite, at least weekly
  10. Buy cyber insurance – if the worst happens you can have access to expert help quickly. Cybercrime is currently the largest source of cyber claims, with ransomware causing the most severe claims.

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