Who monitors your IT team?

Our natural inclination is to leave IT matters to the experts

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Are you delegating too much responsibility?
Cyber threats are evolving rapidly and it's useful to have an independent check

Our workplaces have an even greater reliance on technology due to a significant percentage of the workforce working remotely. The cyber threat landscape is evolving, bringing new threats as hackers try to remain one step ahead of the game.

This raises the importance of cyber security - it is essential that robust cyber risk management is in place to protect a business from a cyber- attack. IT teams are having to adapt very quickly to ever changing and, potentially, very damaging threats to a business.

A cyber insurance policy should be part of your cyber risk management programme. This includes working with various stakeholders in an organisation and most importantly……. the IT teams.

How can Cyber Insurance help?
  • Collaboration
  • Insurers work with IT teams to improve awareness and knowledge of cyber threats through their experience of dealing with cyber-attacks.

  • Immediate Access to a Panel of Experts to Manage a Cyber Incident
  • This provides valuable support for IT teams allowing them to juggle incident support with their day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Improve Cyber Resilience
  • As part of the on-boarding process to effect coverage, insurers require certain minimum controls to be in place, which improves cyber resilience.

  • Independent Overview of Cyber Maturity Levels
  • Insurers provide an impartial overview of cyber security process and processes that are in place.

  • Monitoring of Computer Systems
  • Several insurers now also provide threat monitoring of computer systems during the policy period, giving alerts to critical issues.

  • Online Training
  • This can be provided to employees dealing with issues such as how to deal with phishing techniques that cyber criminals use.

  • The Human Factor
  • It is impossible to legislate for an error that an employee can make which might result in a data breach. A cyber insurance policy provides support and guidance in notification to the ICO to ensure compliance comply with GDPR legislation.

    Working with a cyber insurer provides a useful independent check on your resilience

    A cyber insurance policy not only provides a financial indemnity on a third and first party basis but provides access to independent expertise and resources. Our IT network manager summarises it by saying that “having Insurers input to cyber resilience helps, and avoids us having to mark our own homework.”

    Colin Fox
    Cyber Insurance Consultant, Ntegrity

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